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Great Easton

Snow Hill | Great Easton | Essex | CM6 2DR
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The Year 6 children are currently having a wonderful time on the Isle of Wight for their residential trip.  Accompanied by Mr Harris, Miss Jackman and Miss Miles, the 17 children are taking part in a wide selection of outdoor activities. Here is a brief summary of each day as it happens:


We left school at 8am and went straight to HMS Victory in Portsmouth.  Had look around the battle ship and the children asked so many excellent questions we drew crowds from all over the world to listen to the answers!!  The ferry crossing followed and then we went to a glass studio and watched a demonstration of art blowing and sculpturing.  The children slept very well that night after evening beach games and swimming and storytime.


Another dry day! We went to Alum Bay, made some lovely sand ornaments, caught the cable car to the beach where the children paddled a lot more, watched a 4D film at the cinema, saw sweets being made at the sweet factory and best of all got to try some!  In the evening we went surfing, played team games in the water and did some kayaking games too!  Storytime before bed caused several sleepy heads to drop off on the sofa!


Today the weather forecast was predicting dreadful rain so our activities were changed a little bit.  We went to Blackgang Chine (a theme park) for the morning activity and raft building for our afternoon activity.  We were very lucky and managed to dodge all the rain- our raft building even took place in the sunshine!  We had lots of fun: Miss Jackman was pushed in by our instructor and Miss Miles managed to kidnap Kyle and hold him hostage on the girls' raft.  Mr Harris showed great skill and hopped from raft to raft trying to push all the girls into the water!

We returned to the hotel exhausted and very hungry- luckily it was roast dinner day so everyone was extremely full within about half an hour!  Our evening activity was storytelling from a real Isle of Wight pirate.  She told us lots of tales about smuggling and shipwrecks.  Hot chocolate followed shortly afterwards!


Today was a day of brilliant sunshine!  We went fossil hunting, tree climbing and bowling- they were all super fun! We even saw a Red Arrow display over the Solent while we were tree climbing! In the evening, we did some fantastic creative work...performing makeovers on each other followed by a cat walk on the promenade at dusk.  It was great fun!


This was our last day on the Isle of Wight.  After another delicious breakfast, we packed our things and wheeled, carried and dragged cases out of the hotel.  There were some final room inspections to make sure nothing was left behind, then we said a big thank you to Mike and Terry our fabulous hosts.  We had a short drive to the wildlife park, where we were instantly surrounded by hundreds of hungry ducks and geese.  We fed penguins, learnt all about pelicans, petted some pigs and stroked lots of wallabies.  We left a wonderfully sunny Isle of Wight on the ferry and headed back towards home.  Our journey was considerably slower than anticpated and we crawled the whole way round the M25, but parents were even more excited to see their little ducklings return home.  

Thank you for an amazing trip everybody- Miss Jackman, Mr Harris and Miss Miles would like to say how proud we are of the children who were so sensible, independent and fun.  They are a very special bunch and we hope they remember the trip for as long as we do.  We received so many compliments from our activity leaders and from members of the public so they are a real credit to their parents and to the school.

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