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Great Easton

Snow Hill | Great Easton | Essex | CM6 2DR
T: Sharon Scott / Linda Thake 01371 870219 | E:

Our first day back at school after the summer holidays was very exciting as Miss Jackman had booked a magician to come and entertain us and show us some magic maths tricks.

Miss J had met Michael J. Fitch at a course when he had chosen her to participate in a trick.  He placed a normal spoon in her hand, asked her to squeeze it hard, then when she opened her hand, the handle had twisted.  She was amazed and decided we'd all love to meet him too!  (The spoon is in her office, so call in and ask to see it!)

Anyway, we weren't disappointed- Michael was very funny, an incredible entertainer and he did some extremely cool tricks too!

Please come and visit us again soon!


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