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Great Easton

Snow Hill | Great Easton | Essex | CM6 2DR
T: Sharon Scott / Linda Thake 01371 870219 | E:

On Wednesday 4th January, we enjoyed a themed PSHEC day 'The importamce of being comfortable with ourselves'.  

KS1 classes discussed what makes us different and how these differences also make us special, painted self-portraits, wrote compliment cards to each other and gave out 'You are special because...' certificates.

KS2 focused on 'Unique and Loving It'.  They made unique snowflakes to give their friends, made compliment cards, embraced their differences, discussed the importance of being 'comfortable' about who they are, how it can be much easier to be complimentary to others and critical of ourselves but it is important to be confident in our own strengths and abilities.  Year 5 and 6 also talked about body image, how beauty is portrayed in the media and whether you should judge someone by their appearance.

It was a fantastic first day of 2017- well done everyone for embracing the discussions so well!



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