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Great Easton

Snow Hill | Great Easton | Essex | CM6 2DR
T: Sharon Scott / Linda Thake 01371 870219 | E:

On Saturday 14th February, after a whole day to get extremely excited (which of course, the teachers were delighted about!!), 88 children returned to school to either stay for the evening or sleepover for the night whilst their parents had a relaxing evening without them!!

It was fun filled and action packed, we played: beanbag football and fan the tissue fish; we ate pizzas from Domino's; had several (before midnight) midnight feasts; did a treasure hunt in the dark around the school; watched a film; listened to stories; and did lots of chatting!!

Contrary to the opinions of the children, everyone in the hall was asleep by 12.30pm but the children in Miss Miles' classroom a little later- perhaps 5am!!!!  The first whispers were at around 6.30am and then we popped another film on for those who wanted to wake up gradually.

As with all good sleepovers, breakfast was a healthy selection of sweets and chocolate washed down with some water.  Toast was also on offer for those who preferred a more traditional start to the day!

A BIG thank you to Mrs Bush, Ieuan, Miss Cranfield, Miss Govey, Mrs Lawrence, Ash, Mrs Williamson, Mrs Wolff, Mrs Cooper, Miss Jackman and Mr Pickford for their help.  Also, well done children for being so well behaved!


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