Great Easton
Church of England (VA) Primary School

Snow Hill, Great Easton, Essex CM6 2DR

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Internet Safety and Well Being

"Pupils feel safe in the school. One pupil commented, ‘when you walk into the school, you know it is safe’ and added that the school was like ‘one big family’. Pupils told me that bullying ‘didn’t happen’, but they are able to talk to the school’s ‘worry warriors’ who will sort out any concerns. Leaders have ensured that the curriculum teaches pupils how to keep safe in a variety of situations, such as when crossing the road and on the internet. Pupils spoke about the school’s internet safety days, were able to explain the dangers clearly and know what to do if they have any concerns."

We work very hard with children, parents and staff to ensure that we are doing the very best to ensure children understand how to keep themselves safe online.

We organise regular workshops and training sessions and usually provide a creche to ensure parents are able to attend. Please read the Grapevine every Wednesday to find out more. You can always pop and ask Miss Jackman or the teachers if you have any questions or concerns about internet safety.


The NCA’s CEOP Command is here to help children and young people. We are here to help if you are a young person and you or your friend (up to age 18) has been forced or tricked into taking part in sexual activity with anyone online, or in the real world. We also have advice and links to support for other online problems young people might face, such as cyberbullying and hacking.

Visit our Safety Centre for advice and to report directly to CEOP, by clicking on the Click CEOP button below.


CEOP is a command of the National Crime Agency, and is dedicated to tackling the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and young people. CEOP is here to help young people (up to age 18) who have been forced or tricked into taking part in sexual activity with anyone online or in the real world. We also offer advice and links to support in response to other online problems young people might face, such as cyberbullying or hacking.

For information, advice and to report concerns directly to CEOP, visit the Safety Centre by clicking on the Click CEOP button.

At GEPS we place a huge significance upon well-being, emotional and mental health of our children and staff. We care deeply that our children are happy and resilient young people. Sally Cranfield is the ‘Solutions Sheriff’ and she helps children with any worries or difficulties they may have, working on friendships and social stories. In addition, Miss Cranfield, Mrs Williams and Miss Page are all ‘Worry Warriors’ and work with children as mentors to help them develop their confidence, feel less angry, talk about worries or problems. They are fully trained by Marie Ralph from Three Oaks Counselling service. We also have a school counsellor who works with children and families to support them through tricky times.

Opportunities exist to develop and promote social and emotional skills through both a dedicated Personal Social Health Citizenship and Economic education (PSHCE) curriculum, the wider curriculum, assemblies and dedicated House Team days. We have focused on areas such as Mindfulness and Friendships – celebrating diversity and difference.

Every half term the children enjoy yoga sessions with Emma and are encouraged to use peer massage and mindfulness techniques to help them feel calm and happy. Our school chickens and visiting dogs all help to promote children’s well-being too; they put a smile on everyone’s faces!

A useful link is:

Useful link for parents and carers about educating against radicalisation and extremism