Great Easton
Church of England (VA) Primary School

Snow Hill, Great Easton, Essex CM6 2DR

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School Dogs

At Great Easton Primary School we have school dogs to support our staff team in bringing many benefits to our students.  School dogs have been proven to help develop students’ reading skills, improve behaviour, attendance and academic confidence.  They also improve the well-being of children and lower anxiety, simply by making the environment happier, more enjoyable and less forbidding.

"Reading to dogs has been proven to help children develop literacy skills and build confidence, through both the calming effect the dogs' presence has on children and the fact that the dog will listen to the children read without being judgemental or critical. This comforting environment helps to nurture children's enthusiasm for reading and provides them with the confidence needed to read aloud. When dogs are in a room of children trying to read they become less stressed, less self-conscious and more confident because dogs are non-judgemental. If children are partnered with a dog to read to, the dog provides comfort, encourages positive social behaviour, enhances self-esteem, motivates speech and inspires children to have fun and enjoy the experience of reading."

The University of Buckingham vice-chancellor says it is “a powerfully cost-effective way of helping children feel more secure at schools”.

Sir Anthony was speaking at a conference about the need to improve young people’s sense of wellbeing. “The quickest and biggest hit that we can make to improve mental health in our schools and to make them feel safe for children, is to have at least one dog in every single school in the country,” said Sir Anthony.

Only dogs specifically authorised by the Headteacher are allowed on the school site. This includes drop off and collection times.

Our School Dogs Policy outlines measures put in place to allow the school dog to be present and can be found on our Statutory Information, Policies & Useful Documents page.