Great Easton
Church of England (VA) Primary School

Snow Hill, Great Easton, Essex CM6 2DR

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Pupil Voice

The school council promotes “pupil voice” and enables the children to be a part of the decision making within the school.

The school council have been involved in discussing the menus for the school lunches, planning decorating projects such as the redecoration of the corridor toilets and organising fund raising events for charities.

Each class is represented on the council and in the summer term ‘hustings’ are held where the children vote to elect the next chair and secretary of the council.

Each class also has its own council and in class council meetings ideas are collected and presented to the school council who then discuss and act on.

School Improvement Ambassadors:

Every year children can apply to become a “School Improvement Ambassador’ (SIA). We try to meet weekly to look at different focus areas from the School Improvement Plan. The children are key in sharing their perspectives regarding what is working well and what could be better if…

The School Improvement Plan is shared with all children in special assemblies, however there is a lot to remember so the SIAs make a child-friendly version to show priority areas. The children talk to their classmates and friends about key areas and share their ideas at meetings. Their ideas and viewpoints help to inform what happens in the classrooms. For example, it was the SIAs who asked if we could have a SMART resource for reading – so now we have ‘Reading Eggs’.

You can spot a SIA because they wear a very special gold badge!

2015 School Council Conference