Meet the Team

"all staff feel valued and supported. Staff acknowledge your ‘positive and inspiring leadership’, saying that ‘to be teaching at Great Easton is an absolute pleasure."


Our School Prospectus gives full details of who works at and with our school.

Key details are also below:


Claire Jackman – Headteacher and Designated Person for Child Protection and RE Subject Leader.

Miss Holly Miles – Year 4/5 Teacher, Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Designated Person for CP English and PE Subject Leader.

Miss Sam Govey – Year 3/4 Teacher, Maths and Art Subject Leader.

Miss Laura Wilson – Year 1/2 Teacher.

Ms Alina Gabenyte -Year 5/6 teacher, Computing Subject Leader.

Mrs Kathryn Mayle – SENCO and MFL Subject Leader.

Mrs Stacey Lawrence and Mrs Sophie Delaney – R/Year 1 Teachers.

(D&T, History & Geography are led by all teachers)

Learning Support Assistants:

Mr Ieuan Bush, Mrs Alison Bush, Mrs Debbie Perriment, Mrs Tracy Sadler, Miss Sally Cranfield (The Solutions Sheriff), Mrs Claire Smith, Miss Elisabeth Page (Worry Warrior), Mrs Sharon Williamson, Mrs Stacey Rawlinson (1:1), Mrs Helen Williams (SEN teaching assistant and Worry Warrior), Mrs Heidi Hammond (1:1), Mrs Louisa Bowman-Dove, Mrs Tracy Pope, Mr Tom Mitchell (1:1), Miss Pip Ripley (1:1), Mrs Becky Bennett and Miss Tilly Stammers.

Clerk to the Governors:

Kim Radford

Administration Team:

Mrs Sharon Scott – Business Manager and Deputy Designated Child Protection Co-ordinator
Mrs Linda Thake – Administration Assistant

Catering Staff:

Mrs Jacqui Loxley – Catering Manager
Miss Shelle Bär – Assistant Cook
Mrs Jacqui Carey, Mrs Lorraine Sayer & Mrs Beryl Ledgerton.

Midday Assistants:

Mrs Claire Smith (MDA Supervisor), Mr Ieuan Bush, Mrs Kelly Hunter & Mrs Debbie Perriment.

Sports Coach:

Nick Wilderspin

Peripatetic Music Teachers:

Claire Harland (piano) and Music Teachers from Essex Music Services

Site Manager:

Mr Andrew (Busby) Bush

Breakfast Club:

Mrs Alison Bush and Mr Ieuan Bush


Mrs Louisa Bowman-Dove, Mr Paul Kemkaran-Thompson, Mrs Tracy Pope, Mrs Louise Man, Mrs Angela Tinsley and Mr Tom Mitchell.